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The OSU Climate Change Outreach Team is a partnership among multiple departments within The Ohio State University. The team’s goal is to help localize the climate change issue by bringing related research and resources to residents of Ohio and the Great Lakes region.

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Climate Change in the Great Lakes

  • COMMENTARY: Climate change and the St. Lawrence River Basin14 August, 2014It is already nearly impossible to manage water levels in the basin simply by discharging water stored at the Sault-Ste-Marie, Welland-Niagara, Cornwall and Beauharnois dam complexes. This wasteful use of water, including flood water, is no longer acceptable.

  • COMMENTARY: Mismanagement, not global warming, caused Chicago sewage overflows24 July, 2014Global warming is not the reason why Chicago's 1800s-era sewer system occasionally floods people's basements, the culprits are the age of Chicago's sewer system and the city's tremendous population growth since the 1800s.

  • The man who wants to make sure climate change doesn't ruin your beer23 July, 2014When five-inch storms drench Chicago in a 12-hour window, the Chicago River is reversed away from the Mississippi Basin and into Lake Michigan, shutting down the beach for three days and tainting Goose Island Beer Company's most important resource.

  • New report: State of the Climate in 201318 July, 2014In 2013, the vast majority of worldwide climate indicators -- greenhouse gases, sea levels, global temperatures, etc. -- continued to reflect trends of a warmer planet, according to the indicators assessed in the State of the Climate in 2013 report, released online this week by the American Meteorological Society.

  • Binational Great Lakes Quarterly Climate Impact Report14 July, 2014Spring 2014 for the Great Lakes region was the 5th coldest since 1948. What could this mean for the summer forecast? For a binational overview of the latest season's weather, water level conditions, and related impacts, plus an outlook for the upcoming quarter, review the Quarterly Climate Impacts and Outlook: Great Lakes Region via the U.S. Drought Portal.

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  • 2010-09-28
    Dr. Jonathan Patz

    University of Wisconsin
    Climate Change in the Great Lakes: Key Vulnerabilities to Public Health in the Region. Read more.

  • 2010-11-02
    Dr. Brent Sohngen

    Ohio State University
    Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Great Lakes Farms and Forests. Read more.

  • 2010-10-14
    Dr. Dan Herms

    Ohio State University
    Effects of Climate Change on Species Interactions in Natural and Agricultural Ecosystems. Read more.

  • 2011-01-11
    Dr. Peter Curtis

    Ohio State University
    Managing Great Lakes Forests for Climate Change Mitigation Read more.

  • 2010-12-07
    Dr. Anthony D. Kendall

    Michigan State University
    Climate Change, Biofuels, and Land Use Legacy Read more.

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  • Studying World Climate to Help Ohio
    Dr. Jeffrey C. Rogers

    State Climatologist, Ohio State University
    Studying World Climate to Help Ohio. Read more.