Why we don’t believe science: a perspective from decision psychology

People make hundreds of decisions every day, weighing risks and benefits and coming to conclusions. In a perfect world, people are objective when they perceive risks and make decisions in climate and other domains. But psychological research suggests that this is not always how the human mind works.

In this webinar:

  • we’ll consider examples in climate change and other politically charged domains
  • we’ll present evidence-based strategies that can help improve communication

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A Tale of Two Cities: Assessing Green Infrastructure Costs and Benefits in Toledo, Ohio and Duluth, MN

The negative economic effects of flooding from extreme precipitation events—including preparation costs and the expenses related to damages, clean up, and business disruptions—are being experienced throughout the Great Lakes region.

This webinar will provide information about:

  • Two pilot projects that explored the economic benefits of green infrastructure to reduce flooding
  • Results from the study and next steps the cities are taking