Business and Climate Change: Are Sustainability Efforts Enough?

Climate change for many is primarily about science and environmental impacts, but the linkage to economic concerns is undeniable.

Many believe business opposes limits on carbon, overlooking the fact that many firms supported legislative efforts to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect forests and develop new clean energy technologies. Were these firms merely acting in their own interests while endangering the economy? Why did business engage in the debate? Is the current political impasse regarding climate helpful to business? Has business moved on? This webinar will look at these and related questions.

About the Speaker(s)

Kevin Leahy

Kevin Leahy

Kevin Leahy, Managing Director – Environmental and Energy Policy at Duke Energy, is responsible for the formation of the firm’s climate change policy. He represents the company in policy discussions with other firms, NGOs and the broader analytical community. Previous energy sector experience includes management of energy market forecasting for traders and investment analysts and renewable energy strategy (domestic and international). Earlier in his career, he performed investment analysis for new product and market development for Cummins Inc’s international operations. He also served with the Peace Corps as a Volunteer in Honduras and staff member in Albania.
Mr. Leahy holds degrees in mechanical engineering from Purdue University, an MBA with finance concentration from Indiana University and an MPA from Harvard where he studied energy and environmental policy.

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